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Language Success at the Have My Say Competition

On Wednesday afternoon, 30 of our many talented linguists travelled to Colchester for the finals of the Have Your Say competition. This was the third round, following the school heats and the March competition, when the students competed against local schools here at SHSG.

All of our girls performed brilliantly and competition was fierce, with hundreds of other students competing. Year 7 was particularly tough. In addition to performing their original dialogue, competitors had to perform a script they had never seen before; Year 10 also had to complete the script in their own words in their chosen foreign language.

Southend High School for Girls came away with 8 of the 12 titles available! Here are the awards won by our students:

Year 7 German - Gabriella C and Grace S, 3rd
Year 8 French - Ekaterina H and Jennifer W, 1st
Year 8 German - Anna C and Schuchi M, 1st
Year 8 Spanish - Purba A and Urbi M, 1st; Ada J and Evie N, 3rd
Year 9 French - Maryam F and Semeen J, 1st
Year 9 German - Hannah B and Amica B, 1st
Year 9 Spanish - Julia F and Susie S, 1st
Year 10 German - Mia B and Lucie C, 1st
Year 10 Spanish - Sanjana R and Merlin K, 1st

We are so proud of all of the girls competing and we hope they all enjoyed the event, despite the late finish. We're already looking forward to defending our titles next year!

Ms McKeown, Ms Bailey, Miss Kölbl and the MFL Faculty