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Southend High School for Girls congratulate their A level students on their fantastic A level results.

Yet again the students of Southend High School for Girls Sixth Form have achieved excellent A level examination results.  Among their successes; they continued the SHSG 100% A level pass rate for another year, 100% of those students (7) who applied to Oxford or Cambridge have achieved the grades they required to take up their places, more students (25) have achieved all A or A* grades in each of their subjects and 3 students even achieved the ultimate academic accolade of A* grades in all of their subjects.  Indeed, 36% of all examinations taken were graded as A or A*.   I would particularly like to congratulate all of our Scientists as at least 75% of all Chemistry, Physics and Biology grades were A*-B (this was a massive 85% for the Biologists).  This is an exceptional achievement for these students.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students on their excellent results and wish them well as they continue their journey on to university or the world of work.  Many students will be heading toward Russell Group Universities to study courses ranging from Medicine (5 students)  to Engineering to Vet Science to Law and for a number of our students they will be the first generation in their family ever to attend a university!  This is a stunning achievement for those students.   These results are more than just letters on a page they tell the stories of the dedication, hard work and resilience of our students during their time with us.  They also exemplify the commitment, care and talent of our excellent teachers and so my heartfelt thanks is extended to our staff for everything that they have done this year.  These results are no doubt a launch pad to even more successes in the future and I eagerly await to hear news from our students as they progress on to the next stage of their lives. 


Fiona Brierley, Headteacher, SHSG


Emma, from Leigh on Sea, gained A*AA in Psychology, English Language and Geography.  She also gained an A* in her EPQ.  Emma is the first person in her family to attend university and she has now gained a place at Cambridge to study Psychology.  Emma stated that she was ‘elated, surprised and delighted.’  She added that she was ‘really excited but sad to leave SHSG.’

Salaam, from Great Wakering, gained A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and History as well as gaining A* for both General Studies and his EPQ.  He has now secured a place to study Medicine at the University of East Anglia.  Salaam is ‘euphoric’ with gaining his place and was also very ‘proud of all my achievements and I thank SHSG for the last two years of A level study.’

Georgia, from Leigh on Sea, gained a magnificent A*A*A* for History, Government and Politics, and Biology as well as achieving an A* for her EPQ.  She is now set to read History at Cambridge University and will be the first person in her family to attend university.  She is extremely excited to begin her studies at Cambridge but also thanked the staff at Southend High School for Girls saying: ‘great teaching and an amazing 7 years.  I couldn’t have achieved what I have without SHSG and its staff.  I’m thrilled!’

Elly, from Shoeburyness, gained A*A*A* in French, Spanish and Mathematics as well as gaining an A* for her EPQ and an A in General Studies.  She has secured a place to read Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge and will be the first generation of people in her family to attend university.  Elly stated she was ‘ecstatic and shocked!  Seven years of language lessons at SHSG have paid off!  Thank you.’

Jennifer, from Leigh on Sea, gained AAA in History, English Literature and Religious Studies as well as an A in her EPQ.  She has gained a place to study History at Sheffield University and stated that she was ‘thrilled!  I’m really excited about going to Sheffield but I’m gutted to leave SHSG.’  Her proud mother added that Jennifer’s results ‘justly represents all Jennifer’s hard work and serve as a great end to seven happy years at Southend High School for Girls.’

Madeleine, from Rochford, gained A*A*A*A in Geography, Government and Politics, General Studies and History.  She also gained an A for her EPQ.  Madeleine is now set to study Law at York University.  She said: ‘What a shock!  I feel absolutely relieved.  I am so grateful to SHSG for the last 7 years.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the staff and teachers at this school.  I now really looking forward to the future and new challenges at York.’

Megan, from Basildon, came to SHSG to study for her A levels.  She gained A*AAAA in Sociology, History, Mathematics, English Literature and General Studies.  Megan will now attend Cambridge University to study Law.  She said: ‘I can’t believe my A levels are all finished!  I’m delighted that all my hard work has paid off.’  Megan’s mother added that she was ‘delighted and proud’ for and of Megan and added that she felt it was ‘the best decision that Megan could have made to come to SHSG for the sixth form.’

Kate, from Shoeburyness, gained A*AAA in Economics, History, Geography and General Studies.  The first in her family to attend university, Kate has now secured a place to study Land Economy at Cambridge.  She stated: ‘this still doesn’t feel real!  I feel like I’m on cloud nine!  I am very excited about the new opportunities I face at Cambridge and I can’t wait to get there!’

Molly, from Leigh on Sea, gained AAAA in History, English Language, Biology and General Studies.  She also gained an A for her EPQ.  Molly will now read History at Oxford.  Molly stated that she was ‘over the moon!  I cannot express how thrilled I am!  I have been dreaming about reading History at Oxford since year 7 and I can’t wait to go.  However, I’m going to be really sad to leave SHSG.’

Katie, from Southend on Sea, gained A*A*A* in Biology, Physics and Chemistry and has secured a place at Brighton and Sussex University to study Medicine.  Katie was thoroughly thrilled with her results and is ‘extremely excited about what the future has to offer.’

Leila, from Thorpe Bay, achieved AAA in Geography, Spanish and Sociology as well as an A* in her EPQ.  She will now attend the University of Bristol to study Geography.  Leila said: ‘I’m buzzin’!  I am so relieved about my results and am so excited for the future!’

Georgia, from Thorpe Bay, gained A*AA in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and French.  She is now set to attend the University of Bath to study Mathematics.  Georgia stated that she was ‘overwhelmed and surprised!  I’ve been crying tears of relief!  Thank you SHSG for the past seven years!’

Aliceandra, from Basildon, gained ABBB in English Literature, Religious Studies, Government and Politics and General Studies.  She also gained a B for her EPQ.  Despite being disappointed at having missed A grades by extremely narrow margins in several A levels, Aliceandra has secured a place to study Philosophy and Theology at the University of St Andrew’s – her first choice of university and course.  Aliceandra stated that she was ‘overjoyed to get into St Andrew’s’ and her mother added that she was ‘very proud of Aliceandra and grateful that she’s achieved her first choice and so her hard work has paid off.’  Aliceandra now has to negotiate the challenges of navigating from Basildon to St Andrew’s and she is more than ready to face this challenge!

Eloise, from Leigh on Sea, gained A*AAA in General Studies, English Literature, Psychology and Geography.  She has now gained a place at her first choice of university and so will study Geography at the University of Durham.  Eloise stated that she was ‘overjoyed and really proud’ of her achievements and added that she was ‘so excited to start a new chapter in my life.’  Her delighted mother also paid testament to her daughter’s hard work and added her thanks to the staff at SHSG for all ‘the support and hard work they had given Eloise in helping her to achieve her dreams.’